About Us

AJS Solutions is an organization focused on Biometric Technologies and solutions on mobile platforms.
AJS Solutions specializes in solutions on IRIS, Fingerprint and Face Recognition along with Biometric Hardware’s and customized software solutions.
WWe have expertise to convert multiple technologies into unique solutions.
We provide worldwide Development Services, High-End Biometric Engineering, Interactive systems and applications for both Security and other businesses.

Our Focuses Area

  • Biometrics Technology [Face Recognition, Fingerprint and IRIS]
  • Mobile Technology [Android Platform, Windows Mobile Platform, Windows CE Platform, IPhone Platform, Microsoft Platform]
  • GPS/GPRS based Solutions
  • Serial Port and Bluetooth Communication
  • RFID and Smart Card based solutions
  • System Integration
  • Our Motto

    Our motto is to ‘Deliver outstanding Value’

    Why We

    AJS is fundamentally a technology based company. We produce innovative products, and our presence is in scores of markets - from health care and highway safety to office products. Our success begins with our ability to apply our technologies - often in combination for real-world customer needs. Of course, all of this is made possible by the people of AJS and their singular commitment to make life easier and better for people around the world.

    Our Values

    Integrity and commitment value above everything else
    Respect for the customers both internal and external
    Create outstanding world class results in everything we do

    Our Strength

    We believe that unity is strength, knowledge is power and attitude is everything. Our greatest strength is our ability to understand customer needs. Our ability to deliver unsurpassed quality and reliable products & services to our customers globally can be attributed to strong teamwork, continuous R&D and the dedication and commitment of each and every member of the AJS Solutions family.

    Our Passion

    Our passion is to create a world free of fraud through online and offline biometric based recognition Solutions.
    We believe that Biometric technology has the capability to make this world a safer and crime free place. We also believe that applications on the mobile platform can move to the next level and create comfort and greater efficiencies for the citizens of this world.