3M Cogent CSD 330

Forensic Quality Impressions

3M Cogent’s single-digit optical fingerprint scanner, the CSD 330, is housed in a durable, compact casing, allowing users to capture forensic-quality flat impressions in a fast, reliable, and easy-to-learn way. Its advanced optical system enhances ambient light rejection while permitting the capture of quality fingerprints from stained, marked, or dark fingers.

The CSD 330 uses only one standard USB cable for data transfer and power, eliminating excess cables and enabling easy integration into new or existing applications. The compact design has no moving parts, making this a low maintenance solution.

The CSD 330 is FBI PIV-071006 Mobile ID SAP 30 and FIPS 201 PIV certified. It has a full range of features, including auto-capture, adjustable brightness, contrast, and gain, and has an image capture rate of 10 frames per second. This robust and cost-effective solution has low maintenance requirements and a large capture platen, making it easy-to-use and ideal for border control, inmate handling, and civilian background checks, as well as driver’s license, passport, and voting applications.

Technical Specifications:

  • Resolution:500 ppi
  • Uniform Illumination:Automatically calibrated
  • Platen Area:1.09 × 1.09 in. (27.5 × 27.5 mm)
  • Active Platen Area:1 x 1 in., 500 x 500 pixels
  • Grayscale:8-bit, 256 levels
  • Connection/Power: USB 2.0, data and power
  • Operating Temperature Range:32° F to 131° F (0° C to 55° C)
  • Humidity Range:10-90% non-condensing
  • Weight:0.64 lbs (0.29 kg)
  • Dimensions(HxLxW):3.78 × 2 × 2.7 in. (95 × 50 × 69 mm)
  • System Requirements: Windows XP Professional (Svc. Pack 2) Windows 2000 Professional (Svc. Pack 4) 1 GHz or higher P4 compatible CPU 256 MB RAM USB 2.0 compliant ports or USB 2.0 PCI card
  • Available SDKs:FPCaptureAccess; FPCaptureExpressLite
  • Certifications: FBI PIV-071006 Mobile ID SAP 30 FIPS 201 PIV Standard
  • Device Applications:


  • 500 ppi resolution
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • Forensic-quality flat fingerprint images
  • Ambient light rejection
  • Large active platen area
  • 10 frames/second image capture
  • Fully featured with auto capture, adjustable brightness, contrast, and gain functions
  • FBI PIV-071006 Mobile ID SAP30 and FIPS 201 PIV certified
  • Ideal for:

  • Inmate Handling
  • Border Control
  • Civil Background Checks
  • Civil Registry Enrollment
  • Network Biometric Authentication
  • Biometric Travel Document Authentication
  • Identity Credentialing
  • ID Document Issuance
  • Driver’s License Applications
  • Passport Applications
  • Voting Applications